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Hi, I'm Charlie, and I build the web with panache.

Who am I

Human being since 1986, French web developer, web designer and photographer, I build thing for the Web since 2000. I specialize in WordPress sites, plugins and themes. I also like travels, history, music, coffee and a memorable character known as much for his nose as for his skills in swords and words.

Being a freelancer I work with amazing people all around the world from California to Europe and Australia. And I have some more personal projects too.

What I do

  • WPMovieLibrary

    WPMovieLibrary is a WordPress Plugin is an advanced movie library managing plugin to turn your WordPress Blog into a Movie Library.


    WPMedium is a clean, simple and minimalistic WordPress theme designed to enhance reading. Based on first layouts, a design providing easily readable contents to focus on rather than distracting, feature-bloated themes.


    UrbanApe is a WordPress Theme derived from the theme built for OnEnAGros! and meant for a more public usage and sharing.This project is currently on hold due to a lack of time to work on it.


    WPFluxBB is a WordPress Plugin to connect and synchronize a WordPress Blog and a FluxBB Forum. This project is currently on hold due to a lack of time to work on it.

  • Temporium

    Temporium is a new communication agency offering contents and learning materials about all kinds of historical events and references.


    A portal intended to be the most complete knowledge base for the French television series Kaamelott with characters descriptions, full seasons, books and episodes synopsis, news and much more.


    RadioLogres is a legal streaming website for the French television series Kaamelott. Unlike every other similar websites, RadioLogres provides a powerfull search engine to find episodes by actors, genres, characters, title…


    Mordred is a French medieval webserie telling the story of Mordred, a tormented father-less son in a Celtic world at war after the departure of King Arthur.

  • ...

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