Charlie Merland building the web with panache

Hi, I'm Charlie, and I build the web with panache.

Unknown to the world before 1986, French web developer, amateur photographer and father of two, I build things for the Web since 2000. I specialize in Web applications (#laravel #react) and WordPress sites development. I also like cinema, history, music, tea and a memorable character known as much for his nose as for his brawling skills with swords and words.

I work with amazing people all around the world from California to Europe and Australia. I do have some more personal projects too.

I know projects. I have the best projects.


wpMovieLibrary is a WordPress Plugin providing an advanced tool to manage your movie library. Currently in super slow dev due to other commitments, but still my main personal project by far.


Cinemarathon is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to manage watchlists for your movies. Built to meet my specific needs on my blog, it will probably be publically released at some point.


A portal intended to be the most complete knowledge base for the French television series Kaamelott with characters descriptions, full seasons, books and episodes synopsis, news and much more. Stalled for now due to other commitments.


WordPress theme developed for my own blog at Show your posts in a timely fashion with bare minimum features.


Super secret movies-related mobile application mixing utility features and gaming mechanisms. Based on my own needs and developed at a slow pace depending on my motivation and ideas. Might be released for public use some day, hence the secrecy.


Client mobile project nicely colliding with some old personal project. Uses maps and gaming mechanisms to make you discover things based on your surroundings and personal tastes. Might be released by the client at some point, hence the secrecy (again).


WordPress theme developed for my other blog at Discontinued. Showed your posts in a grid with some basic filtering options.

+94354 other things

I've been working on countless things over the years that are now discontinued, trashed, lost & strungout. WPMedium (old WordPress theme based on 2013ish design), UrbanApe (never finished WordPress theme based on theme for general usage), RadioLogres (spinoff site about the tv series Kaamelott), Mordred (medieval webseries official website), FluxBB (lightweight forum software), xkbb (never finished, custom writen forum software for, WPFluxBB (WordPress plugin to connect WordPress and FluxBB to the same user base)... if you're here looking for one of these, sorry, they're long gone.